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Since 1942, Unifrax insulation products have been providing innovative heat management solutions for a broad range of industries. Previously operating as Carborundum Insulation Technology, and Kerlane, Unifrax is committed to solving high-temperature applications problems and providing exceptional value to our customers.

Unifrax Corporation is headquartered in Niagara Falls, NY, USA, and has had operating facilities in Australia since 1956. Unifrax manufactures insulation products used in various applications and industries including metals production, ceramic and glass, automotive, fire protection, appliance, building and construction and aerospace applications. Fiberfrax®, Insulfrax™, Isofrax™ Thermal Insulation products from Unifrax are known throughout the world for their quality performance in the markets we serve.

A key element in Unifrax's success has been our ability to meet the most stringent quality and delivery requirements. Our Australia manufacturing plant has achieved ISO 9001 accreditation to ensure that exacting world standards are met by all products produced and sold through our Australia operation. The ISO quality standard enables our manufacturing process from design to delivery to be maintained at the optimum level to provide our customers with reliability they demand.

Today in Australia, Unifrax operates as a manufacturer of ceramic fiber insulation products, with headquarters in Melbourne and representative agent in Sydney, Brisbane, Gladstone, Perth and Adelaide. We also export throughout the Asia-Pacific region through our network of distributors in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and New Zealand.





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