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Fiberfrax family of products

Fiberfrax® Bulk Fibers

Manufactured from alumina-silica materials, these fibers exhibit high temperature stability (up to 1260°C), low thermal conductivity, low heat storage, excellent thermal shock resistance, light weight, and superior corrosion resistance. Fiberfrax ceramic fibers exhibit thermal stability at high temperatures.

Fiberfrax Bulk Fiber: Product Information Sheet

Fiberfrax 1400 Bulk Fiber: Product Information Sheet


Fiberfrax Durablankets

These products consist of a group of thermally efficient high temperature insulating materials that combine the advantages of both low heat storage and complete resistance to thermal shock. Fiberfrax® Durablankets are available in the following product forms:
Fiberfrax Durablanket: Product Information Sheet
Fiberfrax Durablanket Hot Face: Product Information Sheet
Fiberfrax Durablanket 1400: Product Information Sheet


Fiberfrax Duraboards

Unifrax rigid board products are manufactured to provide excellent performance in any application that requires a high modulus of rupture (MOR) and a rigid form. The product is designed to resist erosion, vibration, mechanical stress, and can be easily customized on jobs to fit any installation. Fiberfrax Duraboards are available in the following product forms:
Fiberfrax Duraboard: Product Information Sheet
Fiberfrax Duraboard Z: Product Information Sheet
Fiberfrax Duraboard HD: Product Information Sheet

Fiberfrax Duraflex: Product Information Sheet


Anchor-Loc® & Prismo Modules

These products have been designed to meet a wide range of application requirements in a variety of heat processing vessels. Anchor-Loc Modules, Anchor-Loc2 Modules, and Fiberwall™ Bonded Modules are available in a variety of temperature grades, densities, and attachment systems to best suit each specific customer requirements.
Anchor-Loc and Prismo: Product Information Sheet
Anchor-Loc2: Product Information Sheet

Fiberfrax Paper

Fiberfrax ceramic fiber papers consist primarily of an alumino-silicate fiber in a non-woven matrix with a latex binder system. By blending different fibers, binders, and additives while varying the manufacturing process, Unifrax Corporation now produces a variety of Fiberfrax paper products for a wide range of applications.
Fiberfrax Paper: Product Information Sheet


Fiberfrax Specialties Products

This range of product provides a variety of materials to address a wide range of application problems. Unifrax Wet Mixes can be utilised in resistance to hot gas erosion, flame impingement, installation into blind hot spots and hard-to-insulate areas, and fire protection of pipe and cable penetrations. Products Available:
Fiberfrax Pumpable: Product Information Sheet
Fiberfrax LDS Moldable: Product Information Sheet
Fiberfrax Coating Cements: Product Information Sheet
Fiberfrax Rigidiser: Product Information Sheet
Moist Pak Blanket: Product Information Sheet
Variform: Product Information Sheet
Top Coat M: Product Information Sheet
Fiber Adhesive: Product Information Sheet

Fiberfrax Boiler Seal: Product Information Sheet



Fiberfrax Textiles

Fiberfrax Textile Products are durable, high temperature ceramic fibers that are well suited for industrial applications requiring strong, yet flexible, high temperature-resistent materials. Products Available:
Cloth, Tape & Sleeving: Product Information Sheet
Rope, High Density rope, Round & Square Braid: Product Information Sheet


Hardware & Anchoring

These products are to be used in conjunction with Fiberfrax Fiberwall lining systems, to provide a superior insulation lining. A range of Stainless Steel grades are available to ensure the best performance under a variety of conditions. Products Available:
Fiberfrax Fiberwall Anchor Systems: Product Information Sheet


Fiberfrax GC90

Designed specifically for the non-ferrous industry, Fiberfrax GC90 has excellent thermal properties, and is non-wetted by non-ferrous metals.
Fiberfrax GC90: Product Information Sheet


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