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Fiberfrax Products (formerly known as Carbolane)


-Asfilplan 120WT

-Asfilplan Millboard 85KB

 Also: Asfilboard 110, Asfilboard 100 ZK
-Boiler Seal
-Coating Cement
Also: Carbolane Flexiform, Duraboard FX

-Excelfrax 550
-Fiber Adhesive
Also: Blanket Adhesive
-Fiberfrax Duraboard 1400 & 1600
Also: Carbolane Board 1400Z, Duraboard HD, Duraboard LD, Kernap 40, Kernap 50, Kernap 60, Carbolane Board 1200H, Duraboard 1400, Duraboard 1200, Duraboard 1400Z, Carboard
-Fiberfrax Duraboard
Also: Duraboard 1400, Duraboard 1200, Duraboard Z, AZS Board, Duraboard HD, Duraboard LD, Duraboard 1200H,Duraboard 1400H, Carboard
-Fiberfrax Duraflex

-Fiberfrax Paper
Also: 110 Paper, 440 Paper, 550 Paper, 880 Paper, 970 Paper, FT Paper, DS Paper
-Fiberfrax Lo-Con Felts
-Fiberfrax Paper XPE AV
-Fiberfrax Paper XPE NV

Also: Spun Bulk A, AB-70 Bulk Fiber, FT Bulk Fiber, Regular Bulk Fiber, Spun Bulk E, AZS Bulk Fiber, 1400 Bulk Fiber, Granulated Fiber, FT 1400 Bulk Fiber, Trim Fiber, Durablanket, Durablanket-E, Durablanket Hot Face, Durablanket 1400, Duraback, Fiberwall Modules, Fiberwall Bonded Modules, Fiberwall Anchor-Loc Modules, Fiberfrax Durablock, Standard Rope, HD Ropes, Braid, Cloth, L144 Cloth, L126 Cloth, Tape, L126 Tape, Ladder Tape, L144 Tape
-Fibermax 17R
-Foamfrax Binder B

-Fyre Putty

-KUB Cement
-Launder Repair
-LDS Moldable
Also: Moldable LS, Fiberfrax LDS Moldable, Fiberfrax LDS Moldable AL, Fiberfrax LDS 1400 Moldable
-Moist Pac D
Also: Wetpac, Fiberfrax Moist-Pack D
-Pumpable XJ
Also: Pumpable XJ 1400, XJ-1, XJ-1400
-Topcoat M
Also: M Coat, Carbolane M Coat, Fiberfrax Topcoat M
-Variform Castable
Also: Carbolane Variform, Carbolane Varicast
-Zircon Wash
Also: Castcoat ZW


Insulfrax Products (formerly known as Carbowool)


-Insulfrax Board
Also: Carbowool Board
-Insulfrax Paper FT
Also: Insulfrax DS Paper, Carbowool Paper
-Insulfrax Pumpable XJ
Also: Insulfrax XJ-1
Also: Carbowool
-Insulfax LDS Moldable
-Insulfrax Variform
-Insulfrax Blok
-Insulfrax GC90
-Insulfrax Moist Pack
-Insulfrax Rigifrax

Isofrax Products


-Isofrax Board

-Isofrax KUB Cement
Also: Isofrax Bulk Fibre, Isofrax Blanket, Isofrax Modules
-Isofrax Paper
-Isofrax Mastic






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